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“Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life …you make it.”
~Thomas S. Monson

Bolack's Land: Breathtaking views of the bluffs.
Bolack’s Land in Farmington. The beauty of the bluffs take my breath away almost every day.

Hello and welcome!  I’m Lynne and it is a pleasure to have you read this blog!

A little about me.  I’m married to my best friend and we have five beautiful and crazy children.  I thank my Heavenly Father for them everyday.

I love to bake.  I love to read.  I love photography.  I try to take most of the pictures for this blog like the one up above.

Background of the Blog 

My husband and I moved back to Farmington in 2011 after being away for seven years.

I LOVED IT!   Actually, I was completely miserable.  I know, not the words that you wanted to hear.

After a while, I kept waiting for happiness to come to me.  It never did.

I finally decided that it was up to me to choose to be happy and find joy in Farmington.


Purpose of the Blog

So this blog is my way of sharing with you my choice to choose happiness and joy here and to encourage others to do the same.

Quirky Facts About Me

  • Lover of yoga pants.
  • My husband and I are really nerdy. My husband could probably only name off three NFL teams.
  • I detest laundry and dishes (not good when you have five kids!).
  • I have eight adoped brothers and sisters. I am adopted too. I never thought that was abnormal until people started giving me crazy looks when I told them that information.
copyIMG_2617 - Copy
My side of the family! I’m on the last row; I have my arm around my son.




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