My Favorite Lunch Spot in Farmington

Mikasa Japanese Cuisine

I dream in sugar and baked goods but I do try to eat healthy most days. It’s a weird life.

Mikasa Japanese Cuisine

So my favorite healthy lunch spot is in Farmington is Mikasa Japanese Cuisine. I can’t get enough of this place!

Chicken Hibachi

I only order one thing and that is the chicken hibachi. It is delicious mix of stir-fried chicken and vegetables in an awesome sauce served over rice. The chicken is always tender and the vegetables are always how they should be – never mushy or completely raw. Another bonus – you never have to wait long for your order.

Sumo came with a high recommendation for their chicken hibachi. I actually went there and was so disappointed that I didn’t go to Mikasa instead. If you live across town, Mikasa is totally worth the drive to downtown Farmington.

If you go:

  • 400 W Main St; Farmington, NM 87401
  • (505) 327-2255; They do deliver.
  • $7 bowl/ $10 plate Chicken Hibachi
  • If you are on a low carb diet, you can order it without rice or have the rice served in a separate bowl.
  • Children Friendly: Yes! The staff never gives me the stink eye when my one-year-old spills rice all over the floor when she eats.

Question: Where is your favorite lunch spot in Farmington? Please leave a comment in the Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page or in the comment section above. Happy Eating!



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