I Found Delilah in Farmington!!!

I used to laugh, cry, and rock out with Delilah.

Then I moved to Farmington and I couldn’t find her. She was one of the many things that I had really missed!

The my husband found her a few months ago!!! At last, I could listen to sappy love stories, classic love songs by Rod Steward, Phil Collins, Kelly Clarkson, and all the ones that you know the words to by heart. The Phil Collins song below was the first song that came on when I streamed the Delilah show this morning. Such a great one!

Deliah is the radio personality behind the Delilah show. She is the self-proclaimed “queen of sap” and I and millions of others love her for that!

Her radio show is on at 7 p.m. on 107.9 in Farmington.

You can listen to her in the car when you are driving your son home from Scouts (like I do) or stream her radio show from home.

Happy listening!

Question: Who is your favorite radio personality? Please leave a comment on the Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page or in the comment section above. Thanks!



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