How To Make Friends In Farmington

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I have written about this before but I believe it to be true: A huge key to happiness is in having meaningful relationships (NY Times bestseller, Gretchen Rubin, talks about this in her book The Happiness Project).

So are you happy with your social life? Do you feel like you have good friends in Farmington?

When I was growing up, I was a total LONER! I still have a hard time making associations (I am far more comfortable behind a computer – go figure!).

I just recently met a wonderful mom who moved here a few weeks ago. She has inspired me with her techniques on how to make friends in Farmington.

A few tips on how to make friends from this mom:

Scenario: There is usually a group of 3-6 moms who meet at the E3 Children’s Museum on Wednesday.
Me: These women look like they have been friends for years and they are deep into their conversation. I don’t want to interrupt them even though I wish I could be a part of their association!
The New Mom: Excuse me. Are you all part of a group? I’m new in town and am looking for groups to join.
Reality: Other moms are actually very willing to help other moms. Don’t be afraid to interrupt a group of talking moms and to join the conversation!

Scenario: Finding a group to join.
Me: I don’t know where to find one. That was literally my excuse for years.
The new mom: She Googled and asked around for groups to join. So easy!
Reality: It can be hard if you don’t know what to Google. This mom already knew about MOPS and she Googled “MOPS in Farmington, NM”. I am going to start a “Club” page so it will be easier to find a club or group to join in Farmington.

Scenario: Joining a group.
Me: I joined a group and it wasn’t a good fit for me. Then I gave up.
The new mom: “I’ve already been to a book club meeting and I’m going to attend both MOPS meetings this month.”
Reality: If one group isn’t a good fit, there are others. Don’t give up! Be proactive. That has been the greatest thing that I have learned in my four years of living here. I always thought that friends would magically come to me. My new friend has taught me that I have to put myself out there.

Friends are Waiting

You might have to go a little outside of your comfort zone, but I am confident that your happiness will increase exponentially in Farmington as you make wonderful associations and friends in Farmington!

Question: What is your secret sauce to making friends in Farmington? Please leave a comment on the Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page or in the comment section above. Thanks!



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