Things To Do: E3 Children’s Museum & Science Center


My 3-year-old Joe and 1-year-old Sienna love their museum preschool! The E3 Children’s Museum and Science Center is the coolest, most fun, and educational place for young children in Farmington!

Joe bawled his eyes out when his three older siblings went back to school. He wanted to go to school so badly! So I told him that he could go to his own school – the museum preschool.

So every Wednesday, we go to the E3 Children’s Museum and have a blast. He loves his “preschool” so much that at 9 pm last night (Thursday) and this morning (Friday), he told me that he had to go to his museum preschool!

Why We Love the E3 Children’s Museum and Science Center

  1. It’s a children’s place. It’s a place for children to PLAY, EXPLORE, and LEARN. Little do they know that they are learning so much like fine motor skills when they hold a paintbrush or social skills when when they have to take turns on the slide in the Tot’s Turf room. 
    Cousins exploring and playing with sound waves.
  2. The staff are incredibly friendly! The lady manning the front desk will greet us when we walk in and Cherie (the education coordinator) or Barbara (the education assistant), will talk to the kids and smile at them while she explains the art activity. 
    Barbara, the education assistant, and my good friend.
  3. It’s a great meeting place for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and children. I enjoy going to the museum just as much as my children because of the adult interaction I receive. It’s so easy to meet other caregivers there and strike up a conversation.
  4. It’s easy on the budget. Farmington has one-up on the Albuquerque children’s museum! I wouldn’t be able to attend the museum often if I had to pay the Albuquerque price. Even though it is free, donations are accepted.
  5. The art activities. I am not an artsy or crafty mom. Thankfully, Cherie, the education coordinator, plans quality, age-appropriate art activities for the children every week. I now have art for my wall and refrigerator and special art for the grandparents to put on their refrigerator.
Showing off his elephant – one the many awesome art activities that Joe has made at the Wednesday activity.

E3 Children’s Museum & Science Center

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday; 10 am – 5 pm

Toddler Playdates: Every Wednesday; 10-12; Art activity offered. Come to develop early motor skills and meet new friends. (This is the activity that we call attend and call “preschool”.)

Friday Fun: Every Friday; 10-11; Art, songs, stories, and fun offered!


If you are new to Farmington and you and the kids need an outting, come say hi or hang out with me and my kids on Wednesday at 10. I’m actually shy and am more comfortable behind a computer, but I hope to help you feel welcome and let you know that Farmington is a wonderful place to work and live!



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  1. I took my 4 yr grand daughter. Farmington got this right. It was a wonderful afternoon for Samantha as well as Gramma.

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