Things To Do: E3 Children’s Museum & Science Center


My 3-year-old Joe and 1-year-old Sienna love their museum preschool! The E3 Children’s Museum and Science Center is the coolest, most fun, and educational place for young children in Farmington!

Joe bawled his eyes out when his three older siblings went back to school. He wanted to go to school so badly! So I told him that he could go to his own school – the museum preschool.

So every Wednesday, we go to the E3 Children’s Museum and have a blast. He loves his “preschool” so much that at 9 pm last night (Thursday) and this morning (Friday), he told me that he had to go to his museum preschool!

Why We Love the E3 Children’s Museum and Science Center

  1. It’s a children’s place. It’s a place for children to PLAY, EXPLORE, and LEARN. Little do they know that they are learning so much like fine motor skills when they hold a paintbrush or social skills when when they have to take turns on the slide in the Tot’s Turf room. 
    Cousins exploring and playing with sound waves.
  2. The staff are incredibly friendly! The lady manning the front desk will greet us when we walk in and Cherie (the education coordinator) or Barbara (the education assistant), will talk to the kids and smile at them while she explains the art activity. 
    Barbara, the education assistant, and my good friend.
  3. It’s a great meeting place for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and children. I enjoy going to the museum just as much as my children because of the adult interaction I receive. It’s so easy to meet other caregivers there and strike up a conversation.
  4. It’s easy on the budget. Farmington has one-up on the Albuquerque children’s museum! I wouldn’t be able to attend the museum often if I had to pay the Albuquerque price. Even though it is free, donations are accepted.
  5. The art activities. I am not an artsy or crafty mom. Thankfully, Cherie, the education coordinator, plans quality, age-appropriate art activities for the children every week. I now have art for my wall and refrigerator and special art for the grandparents to put on their refrigerator.
Showing off his elephant – one the many awesome art activities that Joe has made at the Wednesday activity.

E3 Children’s Museum & Science Center

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday; 10 am – 5 pm

Toddler Playdates: Every Wednesday; 10-12; Art activity offered. Come to develop early motor skills and meet new friends. (This is the activity that we call attend and call “preschool”.)

Friday Fun: Every Friday; 10-11; Art, songs, stories, and fun offered!


If you are new to Farmington and you and the kids need an outting, come say hi or hang out with me and my kids on Wednesday at 10. I’m actually shy and am more comfortable behind a computer, but I hope to help you feel welcome and let you know that Farmington is a wonderful place to work and live!



Being A Tourist In Our Own City Of Farmington

Rod Run

There is still plenty of fun to do before school starts – especially in our own city of Farmington!

I am a podcast junkie. My new favorite podcast is Happier by Gretchen Rubin (NY Times bestseller of The Happiness Project).

She gave a “happier” tip in her podcast which was to be a tourist in your own city. She said that the more connections you make in your own city (with businesses or local attractions), the more meaningful it will be to you.

That sounded good to me!

The Farmington Challenge

The Farmington Challenge
You can pick up the challenge sheet at the Farmington Rec Center or the Chamber of Commerce. I’ve seen it in the newspaper too.

So I used the Farmington Challenge as my guide to be a tourist in my own city.

Here is what I and my family did over a week’s worth of time.

  • The Rod Run. This event was so much FUN! I had never been to it even though it was in its 33rd year. So downtown main street was totally blocked off and people could walk in the middle of the road. It was fun to look at classic cars and really expensive I-will-never-be-able-to-afford cars. I also saw my first cheesecake on a stick. Food vendors were there if you wanted to grab a bite to eat. So look out for this event next July if you missed it this year.Rod Run
  • TGIF Music and Lunch. This event takes place every Friday in July in Orchard Park downtown. Again, I had never been to it, and yet I was surprised about how nice it was. It definitely drew a crowd – even if it was a mature crowd. There was live music and dancing, children playing on the water pad, and hamburgers, pizza, and hotdogs sold by Three Rivers Brewery. You could bring your own lunch if you wanted. The city set up big tents and tables so that there was shade and places to sit while you enjoyed the music and ate your lunch.TGIF Music and LunchA couple dancing.
  • Navajo Trading Post. It was fun to look at the Navajo sculptors and jewelry. The nieces and nephews really liked the gumball machine right inside the door. This place was kid friendly because almost everything was behind glass counters. The kids couldn’t break things or pick things up. That was definitely a plus! The really nice cashier shared some blue mush pancakes with us before we left.Navajo Trading Post
  • Artifacts Art Gallery & Chile Store. My 10-year-old daughter really loved this store. I must say, it is my favorite art gallery in Farmington! It has a great atmosphere and awesome, one-of-a-kind art pieces. I would not take my little kids though – too many nice things to break.


I am happier after I did those things in Farmington.

I do appreciate that Farmington does an amazing job of offering quality events and activities for all of its residents like the Rod Run.

I hope that you continue to have a great summer and explore all that Farmington has to offer!

A Corvette at the Rod Run. My son’s dream car.

Question: What would you do as a tourist in Farmington? If you are not from Farmington, what would you do in your own town? Please share your comments. Thanks for reading!



Skate Away USA – Still A Blast

Skate Away USA
Even my 3-year-old enjoys skating!

Roller skating is such a blast from the past! Well, it still is a blast at Skate Away USA.

As a child of the eighties, I spent thousands of hours in my roller skates pretending that I was a roller skating queen. Luckily for me, the house next door was vacant. So I had free reign of an entire driveway for my roller skating rink. I skated backwards, forward on one leg, and twirled. I thought I was awesome!

Within the first month of moving back, we took our kids to Skate Away USA. They loved it! They had a blast being on wheels and gliding down the roller skating rink.

Skate Away USA
They have cool arcade games for the kids. This one was a favorite.

Fun Summertime Activity

If you are like me and are always looking for a fun summertime activity for the kids, I would definitely recommend taking the kids to Skate Away USA.

If you go:

  1. 2101 Bloomfield Hwy, Farmington, NM 87401
  2. (505) 327-7756
  3. Wednesday is their discount day. Wahoo!  6-8pm; $3 Admission (Wednesdays only); $2 Skate rental, $3 Roller blade rental
  4. Someone mentioned on their Facebook page that roller skating was “dangerous”. You can rent a “buddy” which is a PVC pipe walker on wheels for $2. My 3-year-old looked like a little geriatric patient moving about 3 inches per minute.
  5. They have a full snack bar. The kids love to buy Zuberfizz.
  6. Great place for birthday parties.
  7. They have an original Pac-Man arcade game. Totally radical! They have other arcade games as well.
  8. The place is a little old-school, but so much fun.

Skate Away USA

Question: When was the last time you went roller skating? I would love to read your comments. Thanks for reading!