3 Reasons To Take Professional Portraits Of Your Children In Farmington

My son’s 3-year-old portrait. Taken last month.

I am passionate about photography.

This passion started because of bad Walmart photos.

When my husband was earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees, we did the only thing that was in our budget for photos: the Walmart booth. Some of the Walmart photos were really nice, but the majority of the pictures were awful. The poses were bad or the pictures were grainy or generic.

In this post, I want to urge you to take beautiful, professional pictures of your children.

This is my feisty little girl who doesn’t hold still for long. 1st year portrait. July 2015

Here are some reasons why.

  1. You forget. You forget how fast they grow up when you are in the thick of parenting, covered in their body fluids (e.g. exploding diapers and spit-up), and are surrounded by them 24/7. You think that you will always remember their baby smiles and tiny toes and fingers. But you forget. So professional pictures are a way to capture them so you can remember.
  2. So your children can see how beautiful they are. My children play hard – which usually means that they are covered in dirt, sweat, and their hair is a crazy mess. I find that my kids, especially my girls, need visual reminders of how beautiful they are. That also gives them greater self-confidence. It’s not that outer beauty is where their worth is at, but it reminds them of their great inner beauty and strength.
  3. So you can see how beautiful they are. This is important. I have a picture of my children on my dresser. When I wake up, I see a strong visual reminder of what is more valuable and important to me than anything in this world. The portrait is also a reminder of why I do what I do; I’m a stay-at-home mom. Plus, it’s proof that all five kids can look presentable at the same time – a miracle!

Question: Who is your favorite portrait photographer in Farmington? You can leave a comment up above or on my Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page. As always, thanks for reading!



Unexpected Fees for Middle Schoolers in Farmington

Photo courtesy of StockSnap.io
Photo courtesy of StockSnap.io

My son’s first year of middle school was last year. I couldn’t wait until he came home to hear all about his day.

He loved his fist day, told me all about it, and then gave me a list of required fees that we had to pay.


I thought we were finished buying the school supplies, backpacks, new clothes, shoes, and lunch boxes. Nope, we weren’t finished.

So you can budget and not be shocked like I was (why did I not know about this!), I will give you an approximate list of all the fees for your middle schooler.

The List

  • Laptop insurance: $35
  • Laptop case: $10-$50 depending on the quality or how rough your kid is with electronics:) The insurance and case are required before the laptop is issued.
  • Gym clothes
    • $10 gym shirt – the school no longer allows you to buy a cheap, white T-shirt
    • $10 gym shorts
  • Orchestra or Band students
    • $10 music book
    • $10 mandatory band or orchestra T-shirt
    • Music stand – $10
    • Rental fee – $60 a year or $30 for half a year. This is a mandatory fee unless your child already owns the instrument.
  • Computer elective – $5 lab fee

Thanks for reading!