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Hello Dear Readers, New Readers, or New Farmington Residents!

I’ve stopped blogging at Living in Farmington, NM but I have started a new business.

I started Zia Photography. I have a huge passion for documenting what is most important and what can bring us the most joy: FAMILY.

I hope you follow me there! Please give me a call if you want me to document your family. 634-9495

All the best,

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Personal Living Experience – Karlee’s Story

Karlee's amazing kids!
My cute kiddos!

Thanks Karlee for doing this interview! I know that families who are looking at moving here or who are new to Farmington, can learn some great tips on how to adjust here and what to appreciate about this area. Thanks!

Where did you move here from, what year, and what brought you here?

We moved from Edmond, Oklahoma in June 2009 to buy our practice.

When we first started looking at options of where to go after graduating from school, I had to put it in my mind that I could make it work for our family wherever we were as long as our basic needs were being met. When Farmington came up as an option, I half jokingly told my husband, “It’s got a Sam’s Club, a Walmart, a Target, a Hobby Lobby and a Lowe’s… that’s more than I could ask for!”  Had I not gone into our move with this attitude, I am sure I would have focused on all the things I didn’t like and made myself miserable. 

Did you and the family easily adjust or did it take a while?

It took a while.
Floating shelves I made for my craft room.
Floating shelves I made for my craft room.

What do you love about Farmington?

Honestly I am not sure I can totally say I LOVE anything yet. But here is what I can say I appreciate: I have met some great people, I have everything I need here, Farmington is really pretty central to a lot of places that I like to go. We have good weather (not too cold, icy or snowy in the winter, not too hot in the summer and no crazy tornadoes!!). We have some pretty scenery and sunsets and we are close to a lot of different activities and learning/historical places. There really is something for everyone here; you just might have to take some initiative and find it.

What are some things that your children enjoy about Farmington? Are they involved in any sports or activities?

Lots of parks! My kids were pretty young when we moved here so they really have adjusted well and I really tried hard to find the positives and focus on that when we first moved here. So I think it’s been easier for them. They are involved in volleyball, baseball, softball and music right now. They have done golf and my son wants to start soccer.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in Farmington or the surrounding areas?

We camp, go 4-wheeling, hunt, snow ski, water ski, golf, hike, go to the shooting range, volleyball, baseball, and softball.

What are some of your favorite date places?

Uhhhh….. we are kinda boring and usually just do dinner and a movie.

Are you involved in any clubs or activities?

I play on a women’s league volleyball team; I have recently started learning to play tennis. I golf and am involved my church. I do lots of crafting and wood working (she’s amazing!).
This girl has skills! An entry table that she made.
An entry table that I made.

What are some things that you do not like about Farmington (just keepin’ it real)?

 For the most part now, there is not much I don’t like but I still do struggle with variety and accessibility.  I grew up in a big city so I am used to having a lot of variety and always being able to just run out and get whatever I wanted/needed right then. Its been a bit of adjustment for me – I have to plan better so I can find it online and get it here in time. 

My Favorite Lunch Spot in Farmington

Mikasa Japanese Cuisine

I dream in sugar and baked goods but I do try to eat healthy most days. It’s a weird life.

Mikasa Japanese Cuisine

So my favorite healthy lunch spot is in Farmington is Mikasa Japanese Cuisine. I can’t get enough of this place!

Chicken Hibachi

I only order one thing and that is the chicken hibachi. It is delicious mix of stir-fried chicken and vegetables in an awesome sauce served over rice. The chicken is always tender and the vegetables are always how they should be – never mushy or completely raw. Another bonus – you never have to wait long for your order.

Sumo came with a high recommendation for their chicken hibachi. I actually went there and was so disappointed that I didn’t go to Mikasa instead. If you live across town, Mikasa is totally worth the drive to downtown Farmington.

If you go:

  • 400 W Main St; Farmington, NM 87401
  • (505) 327-2255; They do deliver.
  • $7 bowl/ $10 plate Chicken Hibachi
  • If you are on a low carb diet, you can order it without rice or have the rice served in a separate bowl.
  • Children Friendly: Yes! The staff never gives me the stink eye when my one-year-old spills rice all over the floor when she eats.

Question: Where is your favorite lunch spot in Farmington? Please leave a comment in the Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page or in the comment section above. Happy Eating!



Tennis Camp For Children & Middle Schoolers In Farmington

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Hi! Tennis camp is starting next month. Here is your chance to introduce your children to the wonderful sport of tennis in Farmington.

Pat McGrath

This tennis camp is awesome!!! What makes it so awesome? Pat McGrath.

Pat McGrath puts on this tennis camp every year because of his love and passion for tennis and wanting to introduce children to it.

He is the Farmington High tennis coach. He volunteers his time every Saturday and Monday for the two month camp. He also gets the Farmington High tennis players to volunteer their time. Let me tell you, they are really great with the kids!

Where to Sign Up

I sign my kids up so they can by the next Wimbledon champions. I do sign them up because tennis is a fun sport. It’s social, active, and something they can do throughout life.

Just e-mail Pat, and he will e-mail you a registration form.

  • Registration Fee: $10 (make checks payable to Farmington Tennis)
  • Starting Date: Saturday, September 12th for 5 to 10-year-olds; 9-10 am
  • Starting Date for 11-years and up: Monday, September 14th
  • Where: Tennis Complex
  • Pat is looking for volunteer coaches. Please contact him if that is something you would be interested in.

Question: Did you ever want to learn tennis for yourself? Please leave your comment in the comment section or on the Facebook page.

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Two New Favorite Ice Cream Treats in Farmington


Being the ice cream fanatics that we (my family and I) are, I have to share with you our two new favorite ice cream treats in Farmington!

Here they are.


  1. Oreo ice cream sandwiches from Freddy’s. We are crazy about Oreos and even more crazy about these ice cream, cookie sandwiches. It’s fun eating two giant Oreo cookies with the oh-so creamy Freddy’s custard. You can pick up a pack from one of Freddy’s freezers located to the left of the cashiers.
  2. Dreyer’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. What can I say about this ice cream other than that my family could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, it’s that good. It’s our new favorite Dreyer’s ice cream. We buy it at our local Dollar General for $4.
Photo courtesy of

For those of you who just moved here, Gretchin Rubin (NY Times bestseller of The Happiness Project) said that one of the best ways to adjust after moving is to replace all of your “favorites” with new favorites. We are definitely doing just that. We are finding so many new favorites around Farmington.

Question: Where do you buy your favorite ice cream in Farmington? You can leave your comment up above or on my Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page. I appreciate you reading the blog!


Unexpected Fees for Middle Schoolers in Farmington

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

My son’s first year of middle school was last year. I couldn’t wait until he came home to hear all about his day.

He loved his fist day, told me all about it, and then gave me a list of required fees that we had to pay.


I thought we were finished buying the school supplies, backpacks, new clothes, shoes, and lunch boxes. Nope, we weren’t finished.

So you can budget and not be shocked like I was (why did I not know about this!), I will give you an approximate list of all the fees for your middle schooler.

The List

  • Laptop insurance: $35
  • Laptop case: $10-$50 depending on the quality or how rough your kid is with electronics:) The insurance and case are required before the laptop is issued.
  • Gym clothes
    • $10 gym shirt – the school no longer allows you to buy a cheap, white T-shirt
    • $10 gym shorts
  • Orchestra or Band students
    • $10 music book
    • $10 mandatory band or orchestra T-shirt
    • Music stand – $10
    • Rental fee – $60 a year or $30 for half a year. This is a mandatory fee unless your child already owns the instrument.
  • Computer elective – $5 lab fee

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How to Stretch your Dollars in Farmington

Happy Friday!

I added a new page to my menu bar. I thought it would be fun to add a “Daily Deal” page to help you stretch your dollars in Farmington!

Like did you know that the Goodwill takes 25% off your entire ticket on Mondays?

 Please take a look at it and I hope you like it. Thanks for reading!

Question: Do you know of any other deals in Farmington? If so, please leave a comment on my Living in Farmington, NM Facebook page or in the comment section up above. Thanks!



The Key to Happiness in Farmington – Part I

Photo from

Do you want to know the key to happiness to living in Farmington? Gretchen Rubin (NY Times Bestseller of The Happiness Project) said that the key to happiness is meaningful relationships.

In my last town, we had so many meaningful relationships.

We had an elderly, Chinese gentleman that lived across the street. Every week, he would shuffle towards our house carrying a couple of grocery bags from Smith’s. Then he would knock on our door and give us a gallon of milk and some produce that he had found on sale.

He came every week because he said that children needed to know that there were still good and kind people in the world.

We had other neighbors that we had dinner with a couple nights a week, swapped babysitting with, and just dropped by to visit. No one needed to call first.

Then we moved back to Farmington and most of that stopped.  We invited people over, but many didn’t reciprocate. I felt so lonely.

I felt miserable for years. Then I had a light bulb moment! My husband and I realized that I didn’t have any close friends (except for a wonderful couple from church that were twice our age).

The Key to a Happy Life in Farmington

If you are still miserable and are struggling with being in Farmington, are you missing the key to a happy life – meaningful relationships?

Keep trying my friend – keep inviting people over, join clubs, join a gym, attend church, etc.

I hope that you can make the effort to make good friends in Farmington.

Question: If you have recently moved to Farmington, how have you made friends? I would love to read your comments! Thanks for reading.